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Radiative transfer model of the IM Lupi protoplanetary disc with a 0, 2, 3, 5 and 7 Jupiter-mass planet, post-processed from the hydrodynamical simulations. As published in Verrios et al. (2022).

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posted on 2022-07-06, 07:19 authored by Daniel PriceDaniel Price, Josh CalcinoJosh Calcino, Christophe PinteChristophe Pinte

Contains synthetic images of IM Lupi protoplanetary disc at wavelengths of 1.6 microns (data_1.6/RT.fits.gz), 1.25 mm (data_1250/RT.fits.gz) and a datacube of the synthetic 12CO 2-1 line emission from each hydrodynamical model. The directory for each planet mass also contains the parameter files used to setup and perform the simulation (using the phantom smoothed particle hydrodynamics code: and to perform the radiative transfer, using the MCFOST code ( The figures in the paper were plotted from the cubes using pymcfost ( The python scripts for these are provided also.


Gaps, rings and holes in protoplanetary discs

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