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PROSPER protease substrates and cleavage site data

posted on 25.03.2022, 05:15 by Jiangning Song
The collection consists of a biomedical database presented to the community via a web interface (“PROSPER”). The web interface provides the ability for users to perform in silico prediction of protease substrates and their cleavage sites for twenty-four different protease types, covering four major protease families; Aspartic (A), Cysteine (C), Metallo (M) and Serine (S). Within only one and a half years since its inception, PROSPER has attracted more than 4,000 unique visitors worldwide from 66 countries and 5,000 job submissions. As recognition of these important contributions to the protease biology field, PROSPER has been highlighted as a significant bioinformatic tool at the official website of the International Proteolysis Society (IPS).


Predicting the substrate specificity of proteases

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