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Original data for Species-energy relationships of indigenous and invasive species may arise in different ways – a demonstration using springtails

posted on 2019-06-03, 10:28 authored by Steven ChownSteven Chown, Anne Treasure, Peter Le Roux, Mashudu Mashau
A dataset of abundance of springtails on sub-Antarctic Marion Island (Prince Edwrad Islands) across the full elevational gradient, from Transvaal Cove on the eastern coast, past Katedraalkrans, across the central high areas of 1000 m, and down to Mixed Pickle Cove in the west. All species were collected by core sampling of several types and numbers reflect actual abundance. The data were collected between June 2008 and March 2009 by regular sampling of the sites. The data were collected mainly by Anne M. Treasure ( who is the main contact for it. Otherwise try Steven Chown (


National Research Foundation Grant SNA14071475789