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Novel Insomnia Treatment Experiment (NITE): The effectiveness of incorporating appropriate guidance for sleep wearable in users with insomnia Untitled Item

posted on 2023-04-14, 03:55 authored by Bei BeiBei Bei

 The feedback intervention aims to provide participants with information about objectively recorded sleep (Fitbit and Dreem devices) and guidance regarding how to interpret this information throughout the study. Individuals will be given two devices (Fitbit and Dreem) for objective sleep recording and will be required to complete daily self-reported sleep diary entries.

The participants in this group will receive the following components:
• Daily objective sleep information: participants will be able to access their daily sleep information from the Fitbit app after their feedback session (see below).
• Feedback session (approximately 1 hour face-to-face/ teleconference): participants will receive a feedback and coaching session that will cover: (1) the differences between self-report and objective sleep, (2) the nature of discrepancy and its relevance to insomnia, and (3) healthy interpretation of discrepancy using cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) principles. This will be conducted with one of the research team members and will occur approx. one week after the equipment is given to participants, so there is at least one week of baseline data.
• Weekly sleep report (approximately 1min via email): participants will receive weekly reports that give an overview of how their sleep has been over the week. This report will include both subjective (sleep diary), objective (Fitbit, Dreem) sleep information and will make comparisons between these two types of sleep information.
• Two check-in calls (approximately 10mins via telephone): participants will receive check-in calls to assess compliance and answer questions. The first call will be conducted approximately one week after the feedback session, the second call will be conducted within the last week of the five-week participation.

This study is completed over a five-week period. It will include all the components described above and a typical day of participation (without any sessions or questionnaires) will require an approximate commitment of 10 minutes. 


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