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Neo-sex chromosome-encoded mitochondrial genes in Eastern Yellow Robin lineages

posted on 2023-12-18, 01:23 authored by Alexandra PavlovaAlexandra Pavlova, Paul Sunnucks, Gabriel LowGabriel Low

This repository contains text and supplementary material for the manuscript:

Low GW, Pavlova A, Gan HM, Ko M-C, Sadanandan KR, Lee YP, Amos JN, Austin L, Falk S, Dowling D, Sunnucks P. Accelerated differentiation of neo-W nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes between two climate-associated bird lineages signals potential co-evolution with mitogenomes. Heredity HDY-23-A0202 submitted 17 Sept 2023

DNA sequencing data is deposited to SRA under BioProject PRJNA1006346. The coastal eastern yellow robin genome will soon be available via NCBI accession JAVTVJ000000000. Other data and R scripts used in this manuscript will be made available shortly.

Low_Heredity_14Sep23_submitted.pdf -- submitted manuscript

S1.Supplementary_Figures_and_Tables_14Sep23.docx -- supplementary material for the submitted manuscript

S2.Supplementary_Methods_14Sep23.docx -- supplementary methods for the submitted manuscript


Australian Research Council grant DP180102359

Can mitochondrial and nuclear co-evolution drive climate adaptation? This project aims to reveal whether co-evolution between the mitochondrial genome of a wild bird and partner nuclear genes is causing the species to split into two forms, one adapted to inland environments and one to coastal conditions

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Australian Research Council grant DP210102275

Evolution and role of neo-sex chromosomes in mitonuclear co-evolution

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Australian Research Council LE150100035

A single molecule real-time DNA sequencing facility

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