Near-wall statistics of the CICLoPE turbulent pipe flow at shear Reynolds numbers up to 40 000.

The data presented here are the first and second order statistics of near-wall two-component–two-dimensional (2C–2D) particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements of a turbulent pipe flow at shear Reynolds numbers up to acquired in the CICLoPE facility of the University of Bologna. The 111.5 m long pipe of 900 mm diameter offers a well-established turbulent flow with viscous length scales ranging from at down to at . These length scales can be resolved with a high-speed PIV camera at image magnification near unity. Statistically converged velocity profiles were determined using multiple
sequences of up to 70 000 PIV recordings acquired at sampling rates of 100 Hz up to 10 kHz. Analysis of the velocity statistics shows a well-resolved inner peak of the streamwise velocity fluctuations that grows with increasing Reynolds number and an outer peak that develops and moves away from the inner peak with increasing Reynolds number.

ASCII tecplot files (include additional experimental information as comments)
profile_u05mps.dat: Re_tau = 5,383
profile_u10mps.dat: Re_tau = 11,708
profile_u20mps.dat: Re_tau = 19,918
profile_u30mps.dat: Re_tau = 27,983
profile_u40mps.dat: Re_tau = 39,944

The experiment and turbulent velocity statistics has been reported in the archival literature:
Christian E. Willert, Julio Soria, Michel Stanislas, Joachim Klinner, Omid Amili, Michael Eisfelder, Christophe Cuvier, Gabriele Bellani, Tommaso Fiorini and Alessandro Talamelli (2017). Near-wall statistics of a turbulent pipe flow at shear Reynolds numbers up to 40 000. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 826, R5. doi:10.1017/jfm.2017.498.

Note: when referring to this data this journal publication must be referred to as well.