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Mild non-invasive brain stimulation for apathy in Huntington's disease

posted on 2023-07-06, 01:21 authored by Kate HoyKate Hoy

Randomized and counterbalanced sequence of three sessions of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) conducted at least 72 hours apart, with details as follows:
1) 20 minutes and 2mA at the participants peak individualised alpha frequency;
2) 20 minutes and 2mA at 2Hz (delta frequency);
3) 20 minutes of sham (placebo) with 30 seconds 'fade in' followed by an immediate 30 seconds 'fade out'.
TACS is administered using a Startstim wireless hybrid electroencephalography(EEG)/transcranial current stimulation 8-channel system (Neuroelectrics, Spain).
EEG obtained via a 50-channel Neuroscan EEG system.
All data collection (baseline measures, resting and task-related EEG) and tACS administration is conducted by Marie-Claire Davis (Registered Psychologist with practice endorsement in Clinical Neuropsychology and PhD candidate). 


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