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Synthesis methods data dictionary

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posted on 2023-01-27, 02:48 authored by Miranda CumpstonMiranda Cumpston, Sue BrennanSue Brennan, Joanne McKenzieJoanne McKenzie, Rebecca RyanRebecca Ryan

This data dictionary describes the coding system applied to the data extracted from systematic reviews included in the paper:

Cumpston MS, Brennan SE, Ryan R, McKenzie JE. 2023.

Statistical synthesis methods other than meta-analysis are commonly used but seldom specified: survey of systematic reviews of interventions

Associated files:

1. Synthesis methods data file: Cumpston_et_al_2023_other_synthesis_methods.xlsx (

2. Synthesis methods Stata code:  (

3. Study protocol: Cumpston MS, McKenzie JE, Thomas J and Brennan SE. The use of ‘PICO for synthesis’ and methods for synthesis without meta-analysis: protocol for a survey of current practice in systematic reviews of health interventions. F1000Research 2021, 9:678. (


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