Macquarie perch Macquaria australasica DArT genotypes

Data for the manuscript: Lutz, M., Tonkin, Z., Yen, J.D., Johnson, G., Ingram, B., Sharley, J., Lyon, J., Chapple, D.G., Sunnucks, P., Pavlova, A. Strong benefit of genetic admixture on survival and reproduction of an endangered fish during restoration of a previously extinct population.

File “Report_DMacq19-4705_8_moreOrders_SNP_mapping_2.csv” is the genotyping file from Diversity Arrays Technology. It contains genotypes for 2672 Macquarie perch individuals, including those not used for this study.

File “Metadata.txt” explains content of columns and rows in the genotyping file.

File “Lutz_et_al_covariate_file.csv” is the covariate file, comprising data on population, sex and capture year for each individual. Columns: id- individual identification, pop- population (Dart_F- Dartmouth female; Dart_M- Dartmouth male; Dart_U- Dartmouth individual of unknown sex; Yarr_F- Yarra female; Yarr_M- Yarra male; Yarr_U- Yarra individual of unknown sex; Ovens_2016, Ovens_2017 and Ovens_2018- individuals captured in the Ovens during the 2016, 2017 and 2018 monitoring, respectively; SnobsCreek- hatchery-produced individual born at Snobs Creek hatchery; dontuse- individual was not use in this study); sex- gender (M- male, F- female, U- unknown, #NA- not used in this study).