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ECIS FACT SHEET 2 - The regulating role of speed in the safety of the RTS per Vision Zero.pdf (307.42 kB)

MUARC ECIS Fact Sheet 2: The regulating role of speed in determining the safety of the road transport system

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posted on 2023-07-16, 03:43 authored by Michael FitzharrisMichael Fitzharris, Bruce Corben, Mike Lenné, Anne PeirisAnne Peiris, Tandy Pok Arundell, Hampton Gabler, Sara LiuSara Liu, A N Stephens, Diana Bowman, Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris, Claes Tingvall

Fact Sheet highlighting the relationships between travel speed, the speed limit, crash risk and injury severity. The relationships are central to Vision Zero and the Safe System approach. The data demonstrates the central regulating role that speed limits play in determining crash and injury risk. The Fact Sheet highlights the crash reduction savings associated with increased compliance with the speed limit.


Transport Accident Commission (TAC)