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MEmory Training for Recovery- Adolescent (METRA): A brief intervention targeting psychological distress in Iraqi adolescents

posted on 2023-07-06, 01:16 authored by Laura Jobson

METRA: Module 1: Memory specificity training is a manualized training delivered over five 60-minute face-to-face sessions (3-5 times per week based on local security situations) to groups of 6-8 adolescents. It is delivered by a group facilitator. Session 1 provides psycho-education about mental health and memory. Participants practice recalling memories in response to positive and neutral cues, with support from the group facilitator. Session 2 follows the same format with further practice focusing on recalling memories in response to positive and neutral cues. In Session 3, practice in response to negative cues is introduced. Session 4 involves further exercises. Session 5 includes further practice and a summary. Module 1 focuses on everyday remembering.
Module 2: Writing for Recovery is a written exposure training that involves 5 face-to-face sessions (delivered 3-5 times per week based on local security situations). It is delivered by the same group facilitator that delivered Module 1 and is delivered immediately following Module 1 (i.e., week following last session of Module 1). In the first session, the purpose of Module 2 is outlined. Then the facilitator simply reads the instructions and the participant completes the writing task; writing about their trauma including thoughts and feelings. After 30 minutes, the facilitator instructs the participants to stop writing. This writing task is repeated in the following four sessions. Each session takes 45-60 minutes.

Adherence will be monitored using session attendance checklists. 


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