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Kingdom Come

posted on 13.08.2019, 07:25 by Cat HopeCat Hope
Shock of the New, Sound Spectrum, Perth, 2009. Bob White (laptop) and James Paul (tapes/computer)
Everything Always, ABC Studios, Sydney, 2012. Jonno Watts (laptop).

"a loud amorphous soundfield" Realtime Magazine, 2012.

This piece was created from a desire to create a score for laptop and other electronic musicians to use a guide to sound manipulations. I was interested to create a “shell” or action guideline that laptop musicians could use to shape their own sounds and interact with them in the performance space. As such, the score is not so much about creating sound, but guiding it through different musical parameters. This was my first graphically scored work, following my work with text scores.
You need the decibel ScorePlayer to read this score on the ipad, and the score file.


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