Kaps Freed

2019-09-09T00:43:01Z (GMT) by Cat Hope Stuart James
Music composition for piano and electronics.
Composed 2017.
You can use the MaxPatch provided (created by Stuart James) or create your own software to realise the score.

You need the Decibel ScorePlayer and the associated score file to perform this work.

Commissioned by Gabriella Smart.

This composition aims to bring the sound of the piano as close as possible to the sound of Percy Grainger’s Free Music ideals, by applying pitch tracking and spectral filtering. Delicate, sparse piano pitches are sampled and transported into theremin like tones where the tempered scale becomes irrelevant. The 'Kaps piano' is the childhood piano of Percy Grainger, and resides in the Grainger Museum in Melbourne. It was made in Dresden, Germany in 1887. Grainger practiced on this piano daily as a child, presided over by his teacher and mother, Rose Grainger. Hope has long been fascinated with Grainger's Free Music, having realised performances of the theremin works. Kaps Freed imagines a link between his childhood piano practice routine and his later investigations into Free Music - a music characterised by the emancipation of rhythmic processes and pitch, both explored in this, and most of Hope's work. The piano notation is inspired by Albert Lake in Melbourne, the same lake that is said to have been the inspiration for Grainger's theory of Free Music.

MLive,Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Melbourne, April 2018.
Of Broken Trees and Elephants Ivories, Callaway Auditorium, Perth, June 29 2018 and Beaumont House Composers Residency, July 15 2018.
Bratislava Music Academy, October 2018
KuBa Saarbruecken, South Germany, October, 2018.
LOFT, Cologne , October 2018
Montford University and Bournemouth University, UK, December 2018

Kaps Freed is featured on "Works For Travelled Pianos", performed by Gabriella Smart. Released in 2019 on ezz-thetics1012