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Interactions between cytoplasmic and nuclear genomes confer sex-specific effects on lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster

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posted on 10.02.2020, 18:32 by Rebecca VaughtRebecca Vaught, Susanne Voight, Ralph Dobler, David J Clancy, Klaus Reinhardt, Damian DowlingDamian Dowling
Description of factors in columns:

Column A) 'line'- name of cyto-nuclear population replicate for the 9 cyto-nuclear combinations: AA1-CC3

Column B) 'triplicate'- biological replicate, 1, 2 or 3, denoted T1, T2, T3

Column C) 'sex'- male or female, M or F

Column D) 'cyto'- cytoplasmic origin: Australia, Benin, Canada, denoted Am, Bm, Cm respectively

Column E) 'nuclear'- nuclear background origin: Australia, Benin, Canada, denoted An, Bn, Cn respectively

Column F) 'status'- coevolutionary status, coevolved (matched) or disrupted (mismatched)

Column G) 'vial'- vial number/ identification of vial in which individual was assayed in

Column H) 'block' experimental block in which individual was assayed, 1-6, denoted B1-B6

Column I) 'dayslived'- number of days an individual lived (lifespan) as a function of 'deathdate' - 'birthdate'


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