Inbreeding depression in lowland Leadbeater's possums: genotype, population monitoring and other supporting data for Zilko et al 2020 Molecular Ecology

Supporting data for the manuscript Zilko, J. P., Harley, D. K., Hansen, B., Pavlova, A., & Sunnucks, P. (accepted). Accounting for cryptic population structure enhances detection of inbreeding depression with genomic inbreeding coefficients: an example from a critically endangered marsupial. Molecular Ecology.
ReadMe.txt contains details of Supporting Data Contents:
Supporting Data 1- Agreement between parentage methods.xlsx
Supporting Data 2- Fitness trait GLMs data.xlsx
Supporting Data 3- Population monitoring data for Yellingbo 1997 to 2017.xlsx
Supporting Data 4- DArT genotypes and metadata.xlsx