Inbreeding depression in lowland Leadbeater's possums: genotype, population monitoring and other supporting data for Zilko et al 2020 Molecular Ecology

posted on 27.06.2020 by Joseph Zilko, Dan Harley, Birgita Hansen, Alexandra Pavlova, Paul Sunnucks
Supporting data for the manuscript Zilko, J. P., Harley, D. K., Hansen, B., Pavlova, A., & Sunnucks, P. (accepted). Accounting for cryptic population structure enhances detection of inbreeding depression with genomic inbreeding coefficients: an example from a critically endangered marsupial. Molecular Ecology.
ReadMe.txt contains details of Supporting Data Contents:
Supporting Data 1- Agreement between parentage methods.xlsx
Supporting Data 2- Fitness trait GLMs data.xlsx
Supporting Data 3- Population monitoring data for Yellingbo 1997 to 2017.xlsx
Supporting Data 4- DArT genotypes and metadata.xlsx


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