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In The Cut

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posted on 2019-08-27, 22:05 authored by Cat HopeCat Hope
For Viola, Cello, Bass clarinet, bass guitar and LP. Can also be performed with sustaining instruments and sine tone generator.

Premiered: Decibel new music ensemble, September, 2009 in the 'Tape It' concert, WAAPA Music Auditorium.
This peice has been performed in Europe (Decibel) and around Australia.

​Recorded: Distintegration:Mutation, HellosQuared, CD, 2010.

This is a study in decline, in particular pitch decline, and the decline of structure and melody. The work begins in the high range of instruments and journeys constantly downward in pitch until the instruments have no tuning left at all, just a loose string or open embouchure. The turntable has a 10” record that plays a descending tone (made especially for the work) that links the bass guitar to the acoustic instruments. In the Cut is a novel by Susanne Moore published in 1999, later adapted into a film directed by Jane Campion. This piece is inspired by the slow burning eroticism that accompanies the disintegration that takes place in that story.

A digital or hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.


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