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I'll be your body instrument

posted on 24.01.2020, 10:48 authored by Cat HopeCat Hope

I’ll Be Your Body Instrument

For 4 voices, percussion and sub tone.

For Chicks On Speed

By Cat Hope (2019)

World premiere at Live Works, CarriageWorks, October 2019

Four Voices: Vox 1, Vox 2, Vox 3, Vox 4,

Two Percussion: Player 1, Player 2

Sub (embedded in score as playback): Thick


The score is proportional, with the highest point of the screen being the highest pitch reference, the bottom being the lowest pitch reference. Line thickness or size indicates dynamic (should be very soft to very loud). Each shape indicates the dynamics and duration of activity. Vocalists can sing what ever they like in that shape.

Effects The voices are subject to 2 effects; distortion: illustrated with a red frame around the shape
reverb: illustrated with a blue frame around the shape.

(long tail represents length of reverb.)

Percussion Subject to two modes of playing:

loud trigger (hard stick/object) soft trigger (soft mallet/object)

mixed means one of each. “off kilter’ circles just mean a different type of attack

August 2019


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