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Honeybee video tracking data

posted on 2020-08-31, 12:00 authored by Malika Nisal RatnayakeMalika Nisal Ratnayake, Adrian Dyer, Alan Dorin
Monitoring animals in their natural habitat is essential for the advancement of animal behavioural studies, especially in pollination studies. We present a novel hybrid detection and tracking algorithm "HyDaT" to monitor unmarked insects outdoors. Our software can detect an insect, identify when a tracked insect becomes occluded from view and when it re-emerges, determine when an insect exits the camera field of view, and our software assembles a series of insect locations into a coherent trajectory. The insect detecting component of the software uses background subtraction and deep learning-based detection together to accurately and efficiently locate the insect.

This dataset includes videos of honeybees foraging in two ground-covers Scaevola and Lamb's-ear, comprising of complex background detail, wind-blown foliage, and honeybees moving into and out of occlusion beneath leaves and among three-dimensional plant structures. Honeybee tracks and associated outputs of experiments extracted using HyDaT algorithm are included in the dataset. The dataset also contains annotated images and pre-trained YOLOv2 object detection models of honeybees.


A World Without Bees: simulating important agricultural insect pollinators

Australian Research Council

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