Her Pockets Full of Inertia

2019-09-06T01:34:24Z (GMT) by Cat Hope
There are two versions of this work:
For flute chior and a.m. radios.
Flute solo with flute choir and a.m. radios
(there is a version of the score with prerecroded parts embedded in it)

Commissioned by Lamorna Nightingale for the NOW Flute ensemble.

Premiered at the Australian Flute Festival, Canberra, 4 October 2015.
Monash Flute Ensemble, at Monash University in September, 2017.
Version for solo bass flute and flute choir playback premiered at Tilde new music Festival, Melbourne, January 2019.

This piece is based on the poem by the same name, by Claire Gaskin. The work separates the flute choir into five groups, each with an a.m. radio. The work treats the poem as a whole, rather than a descriptor of each line, and creates and eerie atmosphere of stasis and cloud like sounds.

This piece uses the Decibel ScorePlayer to read the score, so you can change the speed and see your own part in the score. The benefits of this is you can seperate out the parts for easier reading. Or you can play with the video of the score, downloadable below. you can also play solo with the score, of which there is a version with the flute choir embedded in the score file. The instructions for performance are in the ScorePlayer file.

The piece was released on the 'Other Voices' CD performed by Lamorna Nightingale and Cat Hope.