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Glass Curtain Wall Installation Dataset

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posted on 2023-06-19, 08:42 authored by Brandon JohnsBrandon Johns, Elahe AbdiElahe Abdi, Mehrdad Arashpour

A unitised curtain wall is a type of exterior wall for high-rise buildings, which is comprised of prefabricated modules that hang from the building floor slabs. This dataset depicts a partially installed unitised curtain wall.

The dataset consists of

  • 140 images depicting a partially installed unitised curtain wall
  • The camera calibration parameters
  • Measurement of the pose (position and orientation) of the camera with respect to the wall
  • Ground truth images for 60 images from the dataset, segmented as [glass, frame, other]

The dataset is primarily intended to be used in the development of systems to automatically measure the relative pose between the camera and the wall; systems to identify the location where the next curtain wall module should be installed; and related user interfaces.


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