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Genotypic data and other material for population viability analysis to inform genetic rescue of lowland population of Leadbeater's posum: supporting data for Zilko et al 2021 Diversity

posted on 20.07.2021, 02:08 by Alexandra PavlovaAlexandra Pavlova, Joseph Zilko, Paul Sunnucks, Dan Harley
Supplementary material for the manuscript:
Zilko, J.P., Harley, D., Pavlova, A., Sunnucks, P. Applying population viability analysis to inform genetic rescue that preserves locally unique genetic variation in a critically endangered mammal. Diversity.
1.DArTseq genotypes and metadata.
2. Allele frequencies for Yellingbo and Lake Mountain.
3. Studbook.
4. Kinships.
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