Delay Taints

2020-01-24T10:36:25Z (GMT) by Cat Hope

Delay Taints

For dancer, cello and sub tone

For Tristen Parr and Laura Boynes (on the occasion of their wedding)

Red is for the dance, blue is for the cello. The dynamic is never above medium soft.

The Red indicates choreograhy, and the proximity to the cello of part should be read literally (ie. close to the cello player). A circle indicates start these gestures in, or from, a circle that you


The piece is intentionally slow, gestures should be slow. The score page indicates the range of the instrument (ie bottom of page is lowest note, top is highest). Likewise, the bottom of the page is the floor, the top is as high as the dancer can reach.

Crosses for a gentle, Bartok pizzicato, or hard clap/slap/hit; smooth round dots are gentle pizzicato or finger click/softer sound. Dynamics are soft unless the line is thicker.

The electronics part is indicated in opaque pink, and plays through the ScorePlayer into a subwoofer, bass amp or high quality stereo. It is a mono channel. The part is provided as a guide for the performers only.

The score should be read in the Decibel ScorePlayer application on an iPad, or as a video score, available on the

composers’ website.

CH October 2018.