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Data for: Evolutionary drivers of seasonal plumage colours: colour change by moult correlates with sexual selection, predation risk and seasonality across passerines

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posted on 30.07.2019, 10:49 authored by Alexandra McQueen, Bart Kempenaers, James Dale, Mihai Valcu, Zachary T. Emery, Cody J. Dey, Anne Peters, Kaspar DelheyKaspar Delhey

This data file contains the following data for passerine species:

- Seasonal plumage colours for males and females (presence/absence)

- Mating system (scored from 0-3: 0 = strict social monogamy, 1 = social monogamy with infrequent instances of social polygyny observed, 2 = social monogamy with regular facultative social polygyny, and 3 = obligate resource defence polygyny or lek polygyny)

- Paternal care (presence/absence)

- Sexual dichromatism

- Log body mass

- Percentage ground foraging (obtained from Wilman et al. 2014. Ecology, 95, 20–21)

- Percent tree cover within the breeding range

- Precipitation seasonality within the breeding range

- Temperature seasonality within the breeding range

- Migration status (0 = resident, 1 = partial migration and 2 = complete migration)

- Research effort (obtained from Ducatez and Lefebvre 2014. PLoS One, 9, e89955)

Species names (TipLabel) match those at For further details (including source references), please see the accompanying research article.


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