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Data and R code for Chown et al. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Invasive species impacts on sub-Antarctic Collembola support the Antarctic climate-diversity-invasion hypothesis

posted on 2022-01-14, 01:29 authored by Steven ChownSteven Chown, Dana Michelle Bergstrom, Melissa Houghton, Kate Kiefer, Aleks Terauds, Rachel I. LeihyRachel I. Leihy
Two datasets are include here along with the R code to analyse them. The first data set is the raw Collembola data and sample point information from a survey of Collembola in the Spit Bay region of Heard Island undertaken in January to February 2004. The filename is HeardIsland_springtails_dataset.csv. The column and row titles are self-explanatory. The data were collected in the field by Kate Kiefer and the Collembola identified by Aleks Terauds and Melissa Houghton. Analyses were then undertaken by Rachel Leihy and the R code for them is in the file HeardSpringtail_enviro_analyses.R.

The second spreadsheet uses mean values from the first one to compare, by vegetation type, the density of springtails between Heard Island and Marion Island (extracted from Gabriel et al., 2001 Ecography), Prince Edward Island (from Hugo et al. 2006 Polar Biology) and Macquarie Island (from Terauds et al. 2011 Ecology). The comparisons are specifically for Cryptopygus antarcticus; Tullbergia bisetosa; Mucrosomia caeca. The data are in the field Abundanal.csv. R code for these comparisons, undertaken by Rachel Leihy and Steven Chown is presented in the file: Chown_et_al_Species_Comparison_Code.R

Meta-data for the data files is provided in the file: Metadata_for_Chown_et_al_springtails.rtf


Australian Antarctic Science Project 1015

Australian Antarctic Science Project 4024

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