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Data and R Markdown Notebook for Pemahaman kuantitatif dasar dan penerapannya dalam mengkaji keterkaitan antara bentuk dan makna

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posted on 28.02.2019, 04:38 by Gede Primahadi Wijaya RajegGede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg, I Made RajegI Made Rajeg
Here you can find the R Markdown Notebook, dataset, and other materials for an open-access paper (in Indonesian) on Linguistik Indonesia, the journal of the Linguistic Society of Indonesia (Masyarakat Linguistik Indonesia [MLI]) (cf. further below for how to run them in R):

Paper citation:

Rajeg, G. P. W., & Rajeg, I. M. (2019). Pemahaman kuantitatif dasar dan penerapannya dalam mengkaji keterkaitan antara bentuk dan makna. Linguistik Indonesia, 37(1), 13–31.

The post-print version after peer-review (without the journal's layout and paginating) is available at INA-Rxiv. This figshare repository is imported from its GitHub repo (see the Release page for versioning of the repo).

If you use data and codes from this repository, please cite this repository via the dark pink Cite button. The default citation style is "DataCite".

The paper introduces the basics of chi-square test as a significance test of independence with application on the study of form-meaning relationship in the lexical field for the word "hot" (i.e. panas) in Indonesian.

To run the codes in the R Notebook, you need to have the latest version of R and RStudio installed. The codes in the Notebook also use the tidyverse and vcd R packages. To render the notebook into MS Word document, we use the bookdown package. So make sure these packages are installed in R.

How to run the codes in the R Notebook

1. Download this repository by clicking the Download button next to the Cite button.

2. Unzip the file if it is not automatically unzipped. For macOS, the file is automatically unzipped into a folder that begins with gederajeg-pemahaman_kuantitatif_...

3. Go to this folder and double-click the file with .Rproj extension (i.e. 2018 Oct - PANAS.Rproj). This will open up an RStudio session whose working directory is associated with the contents of this folder.

4. Then, double-click on the panas_paper.Rmd that will be open in the RStudio session. This .Rmd file contains the main text and R codes of the published paper.

5. Next, you can run all the codes in the file using shortcut ALT+Ctrl/Cmd+R.

6. After running all the codes, you can preview in RStudio the rendered filed as R Notebook, which is an html document. To do this, click the dropdown arrow within the Knit button in the open .Rmd file, select Preview Notebook, then click the Preview button.


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