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Reason: Data provided by the Tasmanian and Victorian Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Not for general release.

Convicts and Diggers: A Demography of Life Courses, Families and Generations

posted on 23.10.2017, 00:19 by Rebecca KippenRebecca Kippen, HAMISH MAXWELL-STEWARTHAMISH MAXWELL-STEWART, Damminda Alahakoon, James Bradley, Shyamali Dharmage, Kris Inwood, John Mathews, Michael Shields, Sandra Silcot, Janet McCalman
A dataset containing information on 1,873 men (surnames B and C) born in Tasmania who enlisted for service in the First World War. Data on enlistment, war service and ancestry--particularly convict ancestry--drawn from World War One service records; birth, death and marriage registrations; convict records; and other historical data. This project was funded by the Australian Research Council and is part of the larger 'Founders and Survivors' project. It explores long-term demographic outcomes of individuals, families and lineages, drawing on the expertise of family historians to trace individuals and their descendants for 'Australia's biggest family history'.


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