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Ghedini G, Loreau M, Marshall DJ_2020_Ecology_MacArthur principle in phytoplankton.xlsx (455.12 kB)

Community efficiency during succession: a test of MacArthur’s minimisation principle in phytoplankton communities

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posted on 2020-01-23, 22:19 authored by Giulia GhediniGiulia Ghedini, Dustin J Marshall, Michel Loreau
The dataset includes data used to test MacArthur minimisation principle in phytoplankton communities (Ghedini et al. 2020 Ecology). It includes data on:
1. cell size, abundance and biovolume of each phytoplankton species in the communities
2. light captured by the communities
3. rates of oxygen evolution
4. phytoplankton mortality
5. nutrient uptake
6. summary of energy wastage


Australian Research Council,TULIP Laboratory of Excellence