Black Vulture

2020-01-24T09:58:48Z (GMT) by Cat Hope

Black Vulture

By Cat Hope (2019) For I.R.E ensemble, Paris.

Electric Bass, Synthesisers, Electric Harp, Amplified voice

Black Vulture is part of a series of ‘black pieces’ that propose an idea of black as a sound. Other works in this series are Black Emperor (2012), Black Disciples (2015) and Black Tide (2017). Written in animated notation, the piece provides performers with some elements of freedom, and other aspects that are tightly controlled.

D1 = distortion effect of choice 1 D2 = distortion of choice 2 F = Free choice of sounds (can be fixed or changing)

Cross through the box indicates switch off that effect.

The score is proportional, and the width of the line is the dynamic. Increase in width indicates an increase in volume and activity. You can use the score literally or as a kind of ‘action notation’. Take care to synchronise your part carefully with the others when there is an indication to do so.

The score should be read in the Decibel ScorePlayer application on an iPad, or as a video score, available on the composers’ website.