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Black Emperor

posted on 2019-09-03, 00:53 authored by Cat HopeCat Hope
.for 2 concert organs and string orchestra.

Black Emperor was written for the International Space Time Concerto competition, where it was premiered on November 30 2012, and was awarded the Peoples Choice Award in the Networked performance category. The work is intended for remote internet hook up, where the organs are in different locations (or in the same town), as are the sections of the string orchestra. The lag (latency) experienced in this kind of networking is an intentional part of the score, it creates a fluttery, feathery effect as many instruments join together the make up the parts. The work uses a graphic notation that explores the qualities of drone and glissandi.

This piece requires the Decibel ScorePlayer to read it. The Score player can be hooked up over the internet so people in different locations can play the same score.


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