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posted on 27.05.2019, 00:38 authored by Helena BairdHelena Baird, Charlene Janion-Scheepers, Mark Stevens, Rachel I. LeihyRachel I. Leihy, Steven L. Chown
This database contains all indigenous and introduced Collembola species recorded from the Antarctic region (including the sub-Antarctic islands), as developed for the following manuscript: Baird, HP, Janion-Scheepers, C, Stevens, MI, Leihy, RI & Chown, SL (2019) The ecological biogeography of indigenous and introduced Antarctic springtails. Journal of Biogeography (
Species' names and occurrence details are up to date to the best of all authors' knowledge as of January 2019. Presence data is given for each biogeographic eco-region within the Antarctic. References are provided for the initial taxonomic authority and/or initial record in the Antarctic, for each species. The database was compiled from an exhaustive search of the literature, details of which are provided in the associated manuscript.


Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE)

DST-NRF Professional Development Program (PDP)

Australian Antarctic Science Program Grant 4482

Iziko South African Museums

South Australian Museum