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Ant tracheal measurements by synchrotron tomography

posted on 02.05.2020, 02:04 by Steven ChownSteven Chown, Grant DuffyGrant Duffy, Ian Aitkenhead, Devendran, Citsabehsan, Adrian Neild, MICHAEL KEARNEYMICHAEL KEARNEY
Data for ant abdominal tracheal radii from Levels 1 (closest to spiracle) to level 3. Code for the analysis also provided as used in the R package. The data all used for this work:

Tracheal branching in ants is area-decreasing, violating a central assumption of network transport models

Ian J. Aitkenhead, Grant A. Duffy, Citsabehsan Devendran, Michael R. Kearney, Adrian Neild and Steven L. Chown


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