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Annual estimates of gross domestic product : Australian colonies/states 1861-1976/77

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The annual estimates of Gross Domestic Product are presented for three sequential sub-periods:
There is a summary table for each sub-period and each colony/state giving annual estimates of GDP in current prices and GDP in constant prices by industrial sector and shares of industrial sectors in GDP in current prices. These summary tables appear in Microsoft Excel files which are linked in turn to supplementary tables showing the composition of certain of the industrial sectors.

1. A detailed account of the methods of estimation for each colony/state is contained in Microsoft Word files. These files are located in the directory …\Methods. With some adjustment, the basic approach is to replicate the methods of estimation for the GDP of Australia as a whole made by N. G. Butlin in Australian Domestic Product, Investment and Overseas Borrowing 1861-1938/39 (Cambridge University Press, 1962).
2. The results and detailed calculations are available in worksheets. The file …\Data\Index.xls contains links to a master worksheet for each state which in turn has links to constructed time series of the various components of GDP.

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