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AIS_Insects - ISC.Figshare_Versions 1 and 2

posted on 2021-05-24, 04:52 authored by Melodie McGeochMelodie McGeoch

Dataset associated with the "Invasive Insects: Risks and Pathways" Project.

Dataset to be interpreted alongside June (2019) Report by the Invasive Species Council - Preliminary results and biosecurity implications.

This unpublished dataset comprises insect species that have been reported to have an environmental impact anywhere in the world outside their native geographic range. Interpret in conjunction with Figure 1 in above report.

The research was conducted by the McGeoch Research Group of Monash University, led by Professor Melodie McGeoch, with contributions from:

  • Monash University: Dr Chris McGrannachan, Rebecca O’Connor, David Clarke, Dr David Palmer


Ian Potter Foundation, with supplemental funding from the Australian Department of Agriculture and the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.


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