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Data set of laryngeal measurements taken from 31 people with Parkinson's disease (pwPD) of varying disease durations and severities, and 19 healthy controls. Participants were scanned in the supine position and pwPD were scanned on the 'off' medication state. During a continuous CT acquisition scanning period of 5 seconds, participants were instructed to produce five short phonations of /i/ quickly and clearly. Images were re-constructed to produce continuous multiplanar images of the larynx at 100ms per frame. We removed all data from the pre-vocalization period. A fiducial marker was placed on the most medial aspect of the left and right arytenoid cartilages. The data set includes the following measurements:

1. GA: The glottic area in mm2 for each timepoint for each participant which was segmented out using the Phillips IntelliSpace Portal software program.

2. IAD: The inter-arytenoid distance in mm was defined as the Euclidean distance between the left and right arytenoid cartilages for each timepoint.

3. LAM and RAM: Refers to the interval distance moved in mm by the left and right arytenoids between successive timepoints. Negative values refer to adduction movements towards the midline, while positive values are abduction movements away from the midline.

Patient demographics are given as follows:

Age - Given in years.

Diagnosis - PD: Parkinson's disease; CON: Controls

Duration - Given in months.

UPDRS - Refers to MDS-UPDRS part III motor scores.


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