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Comprehensive dataset of threats to Australian Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs)

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Version 3 2024-05-01, 02:59
Version 2 2023-09-08, 01:54
Version 1 2023-09-08, 01:51
posted on 2024-05-01, 02:59 authored by Javiera Olivares RojasJaviera Olivares Rojas, Carly N. Cook, David Duncan, Jessica C. Walsh

UPDATE March 2024

Most comprehensive dataset on the threats to 103 Australian threatened ecological communities (TECs) listed under the EPBC Act until March 2024. This datasets uses two standardised threat classification schemes: IUCN Classification Scheme (Version 3.3) and Ward et al. (2021) scheme developed to classify threats to Australian threatened species. Threats were collated and synthesised from government documents (e.g. listing advices, conservation advices, recovery plans) within the Australian Government’s online repository Species Profile and Threats Database.


Australian Government National Environmental Science Programme Threatened Species Recovery Hub (Project 7.6)