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Towards a user-centred categorisation of Internet access tools

conference contribution
posted on 2017-11-23, 04:39 authored by Andrew TreloarAndrew Treloar
The Internet provides potential access to a wealth of information, services and resources. Realising this potential requires the use of a range of Internet access tools. In order to facilitate their use of the Internet users need assistance in selecting the right tool for their requirements. Categorising the available tools can provide some of this assistance. Some existing categorisations of these tools have focused on the operation of the tools, the services they provide, or their underlying functions. This paper proposes a categorisation more relevant for users focussed on their requirements, their skills and the demands of the user interface. A number of existing tools are discussed and classified in terms of this categorisation. Finally, some current trends and possible future developments in Internet access tools are discussed. Contributors: Networkshop [1993: Melbourne, Australia] ; Coverage: Rights: