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Towards Water Sensitive Cities in Asia: An Interdisciplinary Journey (Conference papers)

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conference contribution
posted on 18.07.2018, 02:18 by N.J. Barron, M. Kuller, T. Yasmin, A.C. Castonguay, R.J. Conn, V. Copa, E. Duncan-Horner, F.M. Gimelli, B. Jamali, J.S. Nielsen, K. Ng, W. Novalia, P.F. Shen, R.R. Brown, A. Deletic
Conference papers on the challenges faced in implementing sustainable urban water management (SUWM) in Asian cities. Three key approaches are identified: (1) Governance and Society, (2) Technology Innovation, and (3) Urban Planning and Design.


Australia-Indonesia Centre



Jane Holden


Jane Holden