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The Interplay Among Online Self-Regulated Learning, Internet Self-efficacy, and Intention to Use Internet for Language Learning

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conference contribution
posted on 2023-09-03, 00:44 authored by Ngo Cong-LemNgo Cong-Lem

Self-regulated learning (SRL) and Internet self-efficacy (ISE), i.e., the confidence in utilizing Internet resources, have been promoted as desirable educational outcomes in contemporary language education. The current correlational study investigated how SRL and ISE might influence EFL (English as a foreign language) learners' affective factors (e.g., perceived satisfaction and perceived usefulness) and thus their continued intention to learn English online (CILEO). Participants were 62 graduate students from different countries studying at a university in Taiwan. They were distributed online SRL, ISE and CILEO questionnaires. Factor analysis and internal reliability analysis were conducted to verify the constructs of the instruments. The findings indicated that ISE had the strongest relationship with the English learners' CILEO and was also related to different online-SRL aspects. Goal-setting and self-evaluation skills were the only two online-SRL components found to be associated with learners' perception of online English learning, i.e., perceived effectiveness and perceived satisfaction. Furthermore, self-evaluation of Internet resources was the only dimension of online SRL directly linked to CILEO. Pedagogical implications for enhancing language learners' autonomous web-based language learning were discussed.