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Support for real-time decision-making in mobile business applications

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conference contribution
posted on 2016-09-16, 03:18 authored by San Pedro, Jocelyn, Burstein, Frada, Zaslavsky, Arkady
Mobile users making real-time decisions based on current information need confidence about their context been taken into consideration in producing recommendations. We are researching the framework for assessing the impact of mobility in decision-making. This framework can be used for developing visual interactive displays for communicating to the user relevant changes in data quality when working in mobile environment. We describe a scenario where the user can benefit from decision support tools from her mobile device. We analyze this scenario from the perspectives of users, service providers and application developers and propose a framework for context-aware mobile decision support. Our framework uses dynamic context representation of data quality to represent uncertainties in the mobile computing environment. We aim to develop a mobile decision support tool that intelligently adapts to changes in environment, sends alerts and advice on quality of data during disconnection from the network.

 Presented at: 2nd International Conference on Mobile Business; 2003 Jun 23-24; Vienna, Austria. 10 leaves.




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