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New Wine into Old Wineskins: Accessing the Internet and Lessons from the Past

conference contribution
posted on 2017-11-23, 05:07 authored by Andrew TreloarAndrew Treloar
This paper examines the current situation with respect to networked information in terms of change and its consequences. Some of these dimensions of change are considered, and their impact on the firehose of networked information and the users drinking at the end of it are discussed. Particular times of transition in the recent past of information technology are then examined. Some possible lessons are extracted from each episode, and their application to the Net community noted. Finally, some challenges confronting the management of networked information are considered in the light of the lessons learnt. In addition to the need for richer documents, better management of electronic information, and more sophisticated information management tools, it is suggested that fundamentally new ways of organising information might be necessary. The conclusion is that the real challenge currently facing the international information community may be to move beyond the old ways of doing things and create the fundamentally new ways of working with information that will be required to meet the information challenges of the future. Contributors: Victorian Association for Library Automation, Conference and Exhibition [7th : 1993 : Melbourne, Australia] ; Coverage: Rights: