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Data management and the curation continuum: how the Monash experience is informing repository relationships

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posted on 2017-11-23, 04:02 authored by Andrew TreloarAndrew Treloar, Cathrine Harboe-ReeCathrine Harboe-Ree
Repositories are evolving in response to a growing understanding of institutional and research community data and object management needs. This paper (building on work already published in DLib, September, 2007) explores how one institution has responded to the need to provide management solutions that accommodate different object types, uses and users. It introduces three key concepts. The first is the curation continuum, which identifies a number of characteristics of data objects and the repositories that contain them. The second divides the overall repository environment based on these characteristics into three domains (research, collaboration and public), each with associated repository/data store environments. The third is the curation boundary, which separates each of the three domain types. Contributors: Victorian Association for Library Automation, Conference and Exhibition [14th : 2008 : Melbourne, Australia] ; Coverage: Rights: