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Breast cancer knowledge on line portal: an Intelligent decision support system perspective

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posted on 2016-09-16, 02:48 authored by Malhotra, Pooja, Burstein, Frada, Fisher, Julie, McKemmish, Sue, Anderson, June, Manaszewicz, Rosetta
Information provision over the Internet offers little by way of "intelligently" assisting users in retrieving personally relevant information. Web portals are envisaged as tools for matching users information needs in order to enhance their ability for decision-making. This paper looks at portals as a new type of intelligent decision support systems, which incorporate problem domain knowledge in order to improve efficiency in information provision. The main focus of the paper is in suggesting how certain characteristics of an intelligent decision support system can be implemented in a portal, which seeks to deliver personalised information to support efficient healthcare decision-making.

Presented at: 14th Australasian Conference on Information Systems; 2003 Nov 26-28; Perth, Australia. 11 leaves.

Pooja Malhotra, Frada Burstein, Julie Fisher, Sue McKemmish, June Anderson, Rosetta Manaszewicz © 2003. The authors assign to ACIS and educational and non-profit institutions a non-exclusive licence to use this document for personal use and in courses of instruction provided that the article is used in full and this copyright statement is reproduced. The authors also grant a non-exclusive licence to ACIS to publish this document in full in the Conference Papers and Proceedings. Those documents may be published on the World Wide Web, CD-ROM, in printed form, and on mirror sites on the World Wide Web. Any other usage is prohibited without the express permission of the authors.




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