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Signals Directoriate

posted on 13.10.2020, 01:43 by Cat HopeCat Hope
For instrument/s and audio playback

This piece was written for Lindsay Vickery,
Premiere: Dark Days Festival, Harpa Concert Hall, Rekjayvk, Iceland, Jan 2014.Lindsay Vickery, Bass Clarinet and Zachary Rowden - Double Bass.

Agosto Foundation's Improvisation Festival, Prague, July 2014, solo clarinet.

​Firehouse, Brookyln, New York, 2015 with Junko Fujiwara - Cello, Lindsay Vickery, Bass Clarinet and Zachary Rowden - Double Bass.

GreyWing Ensemble, 2016. Lindsay Vickery, Clarinet; Catherine Ashley, Harp; Jamison Feakers, electric guitar.

Decibel, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, November 2016.
The Signals Directorate is an arm of the Australian
Government that provides foreign signals intelligence, known as Sigint, to the Australian Defence Force and Australian Government to support military and strategic decision-making.

Their motto is - "Reveal their secrets: protect our own". They are known for their 'listening in' on mobile phone conversations, most famously revealed by Edward Snowden's documents relating to Australia's relationship with Malaysia. The score takes images and colours from the graphs generated by the organisation that represent tracking of data, and uses an excerpt of one of the composers past bass noise performances as the electronic part for the live performance to track.

The electronics are a playback track that is embedded in the score. You can download the Decibel Score Player and use the SignalsDIrectorate.dsz file attached here. It has audio embedded in it which should be played from the ipad into a bass amplifier.


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