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On this page you will find the score materials, previous recordings, reviews, program notes and performance instruction for:

Musk (2019)

for large ensemble.

Commissioned by HMFT, Hamburg.

The work is designed for a large group perfprmance, and consits of 12 parts. The first performance featured 144 musicians spread along the Elb Tunnel, Hamburg.

You will need the Decibel ScorePlayer to perform this work (see below)


This piece imagines a comparison between the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany and the more recent Elon Musk tunnel experiments in Los Angeles, USA. As the Elbe tunnel was intended in 1911, the proposed Musk tunnel system is designed to send cars underground to travel in tunnels, but to avoid the 'chaos above'. Musk's dedicated tunnel making company, The Boring Company, created the first tunnel in late 2018, and tested it with Musk's Telsa electric cars. The tunnels are oddly both connected to cinema – the Elbe tunnel was featured in the 1970s film ‘The Odessa File’ and Musk’s first tunnel is named 'Godot'. The piece ruminates on these comparisons, and begins in the middle of the tunnel, exploring how sound can travel in directions different to those for which it was designed.

The majority of my compositions use scores that are read on an iPad tablet computer, using the Decibel ScorePlayer, an application available on the App Store . Any fixed media is embedded in the score, and some feature automated functions. In the case of ensemble works, multiple iPads can be networked on a LAN or over the Internet so parts can be read in a synchronised way. You should upload the score file (ending with.dsz) to your iPad from your computer via AirDrop on an Apple, or cable from a PC. Instructions on how to do this and using the Decibel ScorePlayer, more generally are included in the Application, which ships with five other scores.

Thus my works have different versions of the score, as you may see above. A PDF/PNG file of the score ‘image’, a DSZ file to upload onto the iPad for performance, and for some less complex scores, a video version. Hardcopies are also available from my publisher. You can find out more about the Decibel ScorePlayer, and how to make your own scores for it, here.


The world premiere performance took place on the 25th of May 2019 as part of the "SYMPHONIE IM ST. PAULI ELBTUNNEL" project coordinated by the Hochschule fur Musik and Theatre (HMFT) Hamburg, Germany and featured in a program alongside works by Alvin Curran, Dong Zhou, Benjamin Won, James Cheung and Shing-Kwei Tzeng.


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