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posted on 13.09.2022, 18:17 authored by Cat HopeCat Hope

This work for five sustaining instruments uses a graphic score to examine ideas about glissandi and drone. Each instrument has a part that relates to the others in terms of pitch and time but is also self referential to a central ‘pitch line’. The tempo is set within an automated video or score player that enables the performers to keep together. The composers interest in drone music relates to its textural and maximalist tendencies, the way small details that in other music seem insignificant can seem very large when there is not a lot of change in rhythmic or pitch materials. This piece is written for new music ensemble Decibel, but can be interpreted by any 5 instruments.

Decibel, May 2011, PICA, Canberra, 2011, Europe 2011, USCD students, USA.

on Decibel 'Stasis Ecstatic' 2013 (Heartless Robot)

on '5 Directions', by Ensemble D’Oscillateaurs (Line_131)

“On the outer layer of what is an an artfully produced work {swoosh/noise/hissing}, that variesd in density by draw ng grand glissandos while Cat Hope’s voice, with the shining vowels, repeats the title of the piece ‘Longing’ throughout. “ Ziegner, Rottenberg Tagblatt.

To perform this work, you can download the video below and use that as the score, or download the iPad app, the Decibel ScorePlayer, which includes the score, and has many more features such as the ability to network multiple iPads (one for each member in the ensemble if desired), change the speed, move around for rehearsal etc.
You can loan or purchase a copy of the 'paper' score from the Australian Music Centre. A digital or hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.


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