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E-questionnaire for collecting household socioeconomic and disease cost data: syntax for Open Data Kit mobile application

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posted on 2019-07-08, 15:13 authored by Julius Cheah, Daniel ReidpathDaniel Reidpath, Nowrozy Jahan, Pascale AlloteyPascale Allotey
This is a syntax (in English, Chinese, and Malay) for the e-questionnaire on collecting household social economic and disease cost data, to be used for the Open Data Kit (ODK) mobile application software running on an Android operating system. The development of the e-questionnaire utilized an open source mobile data collection application FormHub (Modi Research Group Colombia University). The questionnaire together with the consent form were restructured into an XLS spreadsheet using FormHub's XLSform.

The e-questionnaire was used as a data collection tool in a research project that evaluated the economic burden of households living and managing diabetes, conducted in the South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO, a demographic and health surveillance site operated by Monash University in Malaysia).