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Multiple rights in records: the role of recordkeeping informatics

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posted on 05.10.2021, 01:57 by Barbara Reed, Gillian OliverGillian Oliver, Frank Upward, Joanne EvansJoanne Evans
about current recordkeeping environments. We begin by explaining recordkeeping informatics, a continuum based approach to managing authoritative information in the ever shifting, complex and technologically challenging times that confront all of us, including organisations. We then develop these ideas through a case study of recordkeeping requirements for those who as children experience out of home care as a result of child welfare and protection policies. Out of home care is the term used in Australia for “the care of children and young people up to 18 years who are unable to live with their families, often due to child abuse and neglect. It involves the placement of a child or young person with alternate caregivers on a short- or long-term basis” (Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2015). These experiences place lifelong identity, memory and accountability needs on the governments and organisations providing these services. Our case study will explore the macro and micro challenges that arise for individuals, organisations, governments and societies as a demonstration of the utility of recordkeeping informatics in designing archival futures in which multiple rights in records are embedded.


Designing socially inclusive, integrated, archival and recordkeeping systems and services

Australian Research Council

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