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Chapter 8: From insights to interventions

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posted on 2021-07-29, 02:53 authored by Behaviourworks AustraliaBehaviourworks Australia, Lena Jungbluth, Kun Zhao, Breanna Wright, Bernice PlantBernice Plant, Denise GoodwinDenise Goodwin

In Chapter 7, we covered different research methods to engage with our target audience and understand their behavioural influences. Now that you have gathered your audience insights, how do you turn this into an effective behaviour change intervention? How do you avoid the common pitfalls of defaulting to the same old interventions, relying on preconceived notions of what works, and failing to heed the advice of key stakeholders?

In Chapter 8, we learn how to match behavioural influences to intervention options, prioritise interventions, and carry out an intervention co-design. All of these steps will help you develop an intervention that maximises the chance of changing your target behaviour.