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Chapter 5: Getting ready to Deep Dive - Defining, identifying and prioritising behaviours

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posted on 2021-04-30, 02:36 authored by Behaviourworks AustraliaBehaviourworks Australia, Sarah Kneebone, Mark Boulet, Lena Jungbluth, Jennifer MacklinJennifer Macklin, Celine Klemm

Many policy and program problems are complex, and do not have one single behavioural solution. Indeed, one problem could involve multiple different stakeholders, who may all need to enact a wide range of behaviours to create a positive impact. How do we go about identifying the range of possible behavioural solutions to a complex problem and, just as importantly, how do we prioritise these down to a smaller number of target behaviours that we can then take through to the Deep Dive phase of the BWA Method?

This chapter focuses on three key areas to answer this question:

  1. Identifying different behaviours relevant to a problem

  2. Define behaviours using some key criteria

  3. Possible criteria and tools that can help to prioritise behaviours