(Un) packing lunch boxes

Lunchboxes were one of the most common items photographed by our participants. Whilst many might find themselves drawn to 'judge' what is in the different lunchboxes we want to consider lunchboxes as the material connection between children's lives at home and at school.

Whilst it easy to sit and look at the lunchboxes in isolation it is important to consider that lunchboxes are more than just containers for macro/micro nutrients or responsive to public health rules or school conditions on how children eat. Children and parents put time and effort when they can into the preparation of lunchboxes that are a concrete part of their lives and loves. Parents show love through lunchboxes providing surprises and treats. They take into account what they know their children will eat and try to follow the various rules - but it is challenging. Preparing 3 lunchboxes for kids with different needs/tastes/wants/allergies/classroom rules is a specialist task only an expert family team can undertake.